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It’s no secret – moving can be expensive. Especially when you’re moving a long distance, the costs of moving to this new location can quickly add up. Despite this fact, not everyone has the funds to complete this expensive process. Luckily, there are plenty of effective ways to cut costs to successfully make your move more affordable. Seeking money saving moving tips for your long distance move? Keep reading to discover the seven best steps to save money during your relocation!

  1. Start in advance
    One of the simplest and most effective ways to save money while moving is to start planning in advance. The sooner you start planning your move, the better. Starting ahead of time gives you the best results possible, as you can plan more thoroughly and can prevent rushing. Because there are so many different tasks to take care of as you plan for a relocation, it’s easy for things to get away from you, causing you to rush to finish everything at the end. Avoiding this is important for the moving process to make it as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.When you plan your long distance move ahead of time, you can then book and schedule anything you need in advance, which is financially smart. For instance, if you book a long distance moving company as far in advance as you can, you will often find that movers will give you a discount. Plus, you will have the luxury of being able to choose from more dates if you schedule in advance. It can be helpful to try to move in slower months or even just slower days of the week, which can further decrease the costs.Since you’re moving long distance, it’s also helpful to make travel arrangements in advance. You will likely need to book transportation or lodging to successfully complete a long distance move. If you’re able to purchase plane tickets or book hotel rooms far ahead of time, you may receive better rates and more discounts. Plus, you’ll then have your travel itinerary taken care of, so you can cross that off your list.
  2. Create a budget
    Another important part of saving money is understanding where you’ll be allotting your funds and what you’ll need to pay for over the next few months. Try to be as detailed as possible to create a thorough budget that covers all facets of your move. Estimating your costs will allow you to anticipate the amount of money you’ll be spending and how much you should be saving throughout your moving process. It’s also wise to allow space in your budget for any emergency situations and unexpected costs that may pop up during the preparation for your move.
  3. Declutter your home
    Before any move, it’s helpful to complete a thorough declutter. Decluttering involves sorting through your items to determine what you no longer want or need. Not only is this helpful in terms of cleaning and organizing your home, letting you settle into your new place with a clean slate, but it also can be a great way to save money. With less items to pack, you can cut down on the amount of moving supplies you need, and you will need less space in a moving truck or storage unit. Because moving companies offer different prices based on how much needs to be moved, this is an easy tactic to save money in that department.To complete a successful declutter, you will want to separate your items into four categories – donate, sell, trash, and keep. The more you’re able to get rid of, the better. Start with the items that you haven’t used in a long time and that you don’t foresee yourself using any time soon. These are the easiest items to eliminate. Then, you can move along to the belongings that you’re more on the fence about. Additionally, another incentive for you to declutter your belongings is the prospect of potentially making some money back by selling items. A great way to do this ahead of a move is to hold a yard sale. With this method, you can easily earn some extra money ahead of your move.
  4. Repurpose what you have
    Rather than purchasing loads of supplies for your relocation, try to repurpose what you already have in your house. For example, instead of buying boxes, you can reuse boxes from packages you’ve received. You can even use suitcases to pack your items, which can be a great way to transport a variety of items, especially since many suitcases have wheels. Even if you don’t have boxes to repurpose, before you resort to buying them, head to a local store and check if they have a surplus of boxes that they could give to you for free.Additionally, you can use other items in lieu of boxes to make effective use of space without leaving anything empty. One example of this is large pots. Rather than leaving them empty, fill them with smaller items from your kitchen such as spices. Also, you can leave drawers full instead of taking your clothes out and packing them. That way, you use up the space in the drawers, and you don’t have to take the time and energy to take the clothes out just to put them back in at the new house.
  5. Shop around for movers
    If you’re choosing to invest in the help of long distance movers, be sure to shop around. It’s important to receive quotes from numerous companies to ensure you receive the best price possible. Begin by searching for reputable companies in your area, looking online so you can sort through reviews. Finding out the general consensus of a moving service can be incredibly telling about the quality you can expect to receive, so be sure to read reviews. Next, once you’ve found a few dependable options, reach out to request a quote. An in-home estimate is crucial to receive accurate pricing based on the amount of items you need to move. It’s helpful to acquire at least three estimates so you can find the most fair price.
  6. Pack concisely
    When you’re packing, be sure to make the best use of your space by staying organized and neat about the way you pack. Be strategic about the items you’re packing, rather than simply throwing things into boxes without any rhyme or reason. Take the time to pack your boxes up carefully, doing a little bit at a time instead of trying to do a big chunk of packing at once. Try to fill your boxes as completely as you can without making the box too heavy. This is important to reduce the amount of boxes you need.
  7. Ship your library
    Finally, one tip that can be very helpful to book lovers with a large library is to ship your books to the new house instead of packing them in the moving van. The postal service offers a media mail service which allows you to ship books at a lower rate than other packages. This can be a great way to reduce the amount of space you need in a moving truck, allowing you to use your space for other items.

Long distance moving made affordable

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