Q. When is the cheapest time of the week to move?

A. Our prices are the same every day of the week. However on local moves, the minimum number of hours charged for a weekend (Fri-Sun)/holiday move is one hour more than the minimum charged for a weekday move (Mon-Thurs).

Q. Does Sunrise charge a travel time?

A. Taken directly from the Georgia Dept. of Public Safety’s website: “Yes, as of April 1, 2013, for-hire motor carrier of household goods operating in intrastate commerce may charge a one (1) hour truck charge at the standard labor rate.”

Q. What is included in a local moves hourly rate?

A. The hourly rate covers the number of trucks and men agreed to by Sunrise and the customer, along with the disassembling and wrapping of furniture. The furniture would then be unwrapped and reassembled at the destination.  

Q. What is the busiest time of year to move?

A. Summer is usually the busiest time of year for all moving companies, as most families try to relocate while school is out.

Q. What is the busiest time of the month to move?

A. The beginning and end of every month is the busiest for most moving companies. Let your mover know as far in advance as possible to try to secure your date.

Q. Why is my mattress required to be wrapped?

A. In order to preserve the condition of your mattress and box spring during your move, we require they be covered before being loaded onto the truck.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

A. Yes, our exact licensing numbers can be found at the bottom of our website.

Q. Do you wrap furniture?

A. Yes, we wrap furniture before loading it onto the truck. This is included in the price for your move.

Q. Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

A. Yes, we disassemble and wrap furniture before loading it onto the truck. We would also then unwrap and reassemble furniture at your new home.

Q. How long have you been a company?

A. Sunrise Moving & Storage has been in business since 1999.

Q. Do you have any other locations?

A. We have a sales office in Atlanta, but our main office and warehouse is located in Tucker, GA. We are partnered with Bekins Van Lines, who has offices in other states but Sunrise does not have any offices out of Georgia.

Q. What size trucks do you have?

A. We have 24-27 ft trucks to perform moves.

Q. What is your hourly rate?

A. For local moves, the hourly rate is determined based on the number of trucks and crew members needed to perform your move. Speak with your sales representative to get a detailed estimate.

Q. Can I drive the truck to cut down labor cost?

A. No, for insurance reasons we cannot have anyone other than Sunrise employees drive or even enter the truck.

Q. Can I rent my own truck and just have the crew load/unload it?

A. You may choose to do this, but the hourly rate charged includes the truck automatically. Crew will still report to your home in one of our trucks.

Q. Do you unhook the washer and dryer?

A. No, for insurance reasons we will not unhook or reinstall washer/dryers. After you have unhooked them, we will move the items. However, you will also need a locking bolt for front loading washing machines for your move.  If we need to supply locking bolts, there is a charge depending on make/model of machine.

Q. Can I help the crew move my items on move day?

A. You may help move items; however you cannot load or unload any items from our truck. The most helpful thing would be to have everything prepped and ready for the crew on move day. You may choose to have items already moved as close to the exit of your home as possible for crew to pick up and load onto the truck.

Q. Do you have hourly minimums?

A. On local moves, there is a minimum of 2 hours billed during the week (Monday-Thursday) and 3 hours billed on weekends (Friday-Sunday) and holidays. There will be one additional hour added as Travel Time for a total of 3-4 hours billed minimum depending on the day of the week you move.

Q. What does “total non-binding estimate” mean?

A. This means your estimate has been built based on information you provided your representative either over the phone or by email, but the final price for your move may vary depending on the items the crew moves or the details of the buildings you move out of/into (long carries, more items being moved than originally disclosed, etc.).

Q. Should I take everything out of my dresser or will the movers do that?

A. You may empty the drawers and pack them into boxes, or the crew will remove and shrink wrap each drawer with its contents. They would then unwrap and reinsert the drawer at the destination. It is up to you. Please always remember to remove any sensitive items from all furniture prior to the crew’s arrival.

Q. Do you move on weekends?

A. Yes, we perform moves on weekends.

Q. Do you go out of state?

A. Yes, we perform interstate moves.

Q. Can you move my [trampoline/hot tub/pool table/etc.]?

A. We move certain bulky items, but there may be an additional charge. Speak to your sales representative to learn more information about your item(s).

Q. Can I ride to the new house in the truck?

A. No, for insurance reasons we cannot have anyone other than Sunrise employees in the truck.

Q.  Do you require a deposit?

A. No.  We do not take deposits for moves.  Depending on the type of move, you may be asked to pay for services rendered for each day.  Speak to your sales representative regarding payments.

Q.  Do you accept personal checks?

A.  No.  We do not accept personal checks.  We accept all major credit cards, Cash, and Cashier’s checks.

Q.  What services do Sunrise Moving and Storage offer?

A.  Sunrise Moving and Storage provides a comprehensive range of moving services, including residential moves, commercial moves, local moves, long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, storage solutions, and specialty item handling.

Q.  Is Sunrise Moving and Storage licensed and insured?

A.  Yes, Sunrise Moving and Storage is a fully licensed and insured moving company, ensuring that your belongings are protected throughout the moving process.

Q.  Can Sunrise Moving and Storage handle delicate and valuable items?

A.  Absolutely, our experienced movers are trained to handle delicate and valuable items with the utmost care, providing specialized handling for artwork, antiques, pianos, and other valuable possessions.

Q.  What makes Sunrise Moving and Storage stand out as a moving company?

A.  At Sunrise Moving and Storage, our dedication to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and professionalism set us apart. We strive to make each move a stress-free and positive experience for our valued customers.