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Looking for a career that allows you to make a difference in customers’ lives across the country? Have a passion for the moving industry and being the bridge between clients, and their new home or business? If you’re looking for all of this and more, a career at Sunrise Moving & Storage might just be for you.

Learn more about our company and our current available positions below.

About Sunrise

Sunrise Moving & Storage is a constantly growing business that seeks to bring our customers the most affordable and personable moving experiences in the Atlanta, GA area and beyond. We’ve cultivated a like-minded, motivated staff and crew who all emphasize the ability to adapt, learn, and grow as they partner with clients for next-level relocation experiences.

As Atlanta, GA movers who offer a variety of services from local to long-distance and international relocations, we pride ourselves on dedicating ourselves over the past decades to give clients moves tailored to fit their unique needs and budgets.

Want to be a part of our mission? Discover our available positions below to join our team.


Our drivers are the key to transporting customers’ household and commercial items safely and responsibly from their current locations to their new ones. Our drivers need to uphold our mission and core values and work with our clients to ensure the safe delivery of their items. They must exercise safety, and attention to detail, and understand their responsibility to provide a quality and positive experience for clients.

Essential qualities of our drivers:

  • Licensed
  • Record of responsible driving habits
  • Commitment to safety
  • Ability to drive over long distances efficiently & safely
  • Ability to practice open communication with clients
  • Experience in transporting large loads
  • Passion for moving & storage

If you love being on the road and want to make a big difference in the lives of individuals and businesses alike, being part of the Sunrise Moving & Storage team is just the right fit for you.

Learn more about our commitment to quality and how to apply here.

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Moving Crew Member

There’s no doubt that we would be nothing without our moving crews – they do the heavy lifting, after all! If you’re a motivated, hard-working individual who operates with integrity and responsibility, being a member of our moving crew could be an ideal fit for you.

Our moving crews are responsible for not only moving our clients’ items into and out of their homes or businesses but are also responsible for handling these items with the utmost care so as to not damage or lose them in this chaotic process. Our crews both manage and conduct our clients’ moves so that they can focus on other aspects of their moving day.

Essential qualities of our moving crew members:

  • Personable & customer service oriented
  • Ability to move very heavy objects
  • Can navigate stairs, hallways, and any home layout
  • Ability to work as part of a team to move items and problem solve
  • Attention to detail and care
  • Responsible and organized
  • Experience in moving a variety of items without damage or loss
  • Passion for the moving & storage industry

Our moving crews are the ones who make a massive difference in the moving day and lives of our customers. As a crew member, you should be ready and motivated to not only move clients’ items safely and efficiently but to bring them a positive relocation experience from start to finish.

Learn more about our company and how to apply here.

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Internal Sales Representative

As an internal sales representative, you’ll tap into your interpersonal and sales skills to talk about our services and speak to customers through many different avenues, including over the phone, email, and live chat. Our team of internal sales representatives should always strive to create the most positive experiences for our clients possible and to match them with the right services for them and their moves’ unique needs.

Essential qualities of internal sales:

  • Positive & motivated
  • Friendly manner & can-do nature
  • Attention to detail & organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Comfort in using a variety of technologies
  • Ability to follow leads and research
  • Passion for the moving & storage industry

If you’re passionate about making a difference in customers’ lives and seek to bring them their best moving experience, internal sales are just right for you!

Learn more about our company and how to join our team here.

External Sales Representatives

Our external sales staff are passionate about creating in-person connections with those of all backgrounds, businesses, and relocation needs. As a representative, you’ll need to have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and will emphasize the need for resourcefulness and adaptability in a variety of environments.

Our external sales representatives also serve as the faces of our brand and company when interacting with potential clients, businesses, or industry peers, and should always be ready to put their best foot forward to create a lasting and positive impact on those they meet.

Essential qualities of external sales:

  • Personable & friendly demeanor
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to interact with those of all backgrounds
  • Ability to multitask
  • Exceptional organizational & multi-tasking skills
  • Adaptable & resourceful
  • Passion for moving & storage services

Want to be a part of our team? Bring your passion for moving and storage to Sunrise to enrich not only the quality of your clients’ moves but also your own relationships with your customers and peers.

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