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When it’s time to move, you likely have a long to-do list of what to accomplish before moving day. Undoubtedly, the biggest task included on that list is packing. The source of endless stress and plenty of late nights stuffing your items in boxes, packing can feel daunting. How can I possibly fit everything I own into boxes before the big day? Will I be able to get all of this done in time? These are common questions that cause anxiety before a move.

Luckily, packing your belongings doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Although it’s a big job, handling it a little bit at a time makes it manageable. And with our five simple steps, you’ll see just how simple packing can be!

  • Clean & declutter

Before you even begin to pack, the best way to set the stage for an easier process is to declutter. Starting with a good declutter decreases the amount you need to pack and allows you to be more organized from the get-go. You can sort your declutter pile into three categories: sell, donate, and trash. First, get rid of the easy things – stuff you’ve kept that no longer works, items that have been pushed to the back of your closet and forgotten entirely. Get your momentum going by eliminating these easier items first.

Another category of items to consider decluttering is furniture that either won’t fit in your new place or that you simply no longer like as much as you used to. Save yourself the effort and space used on these items, and get rid of them before moving. Especially because furniture is much more involved to move – requiring more space and often needing to be disassembled to fit in the moving truck – letting go of it can be very helpful in reserving your space for items you really want to keep.

Be mindful that decluttering can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re holding onto a lot of items because of emotional attachment. Determine which items are the most significant and which ones wouldn’t be so difficult to part with. Give yourself ample opportunity to take your time so it doesn’t become stressful.

  • Stock up on supplies

When you’re packing for a move, having a big inventory of supplies is crucial to completing the task efficiently. Most importantly, make sure to have plenty of high quality, sturdy boxes. You’ll want to get more boxes than you think you need; although you may think you have a good estimate of how much you’ll require, having extra is much better than not having enough. It also works best for stacking purposes to use boxes of the same size. A few smaller ones in the mix are typically helpful for small items that you don’t want to move around. Many stores are willing to give you free boxes upon request – just make sure they have been used minimally to decrease wear.

Other than boxes, you also need packing tape, markers, and resealable bags. For protection purposes for more fragile items, stock up on bubble wrap, packing paper, and moving blankets. Not only does having these supplies help logistically, but it also allows the process to become more organized as well.

  • Label thoroughly & stay organized

Staying organized during the packing process can feel tedious, especially since it can take a bit more time, but keep in mind that it’ll save you plenty of time during the unpacking process. Make sure to consistently label all your boxes in clear, large letters on numerous sides of the boxes. It’s best to write more than something vague like “Kitchen” or “Bedroom.” Try to be specific about what you’re placing in each box. Even a few extra details can save you a lot of time in the long run, preventing you from searching through countless boxes to find what you need.

Another great option is to color code your boxes. You can do this by taping a piece of construction paper to the box or using different colors of tape (plenty of colored duct tape varieties exist!). Each color would then correspond to a different room in the house. This is an efficient way to visually denote where boxes need to be unloaded once you arrive at your new home.

Your supplies will also come in handy when organizing. Using resealable bags for smaller pieces (think: screws and bolts from disassembled furniture) is a simple way to prevent misplacing anything. You can then label the bags and even tape them to the corresponding furniture item so everything can stay in close proximity and avoid getting mixed up.

  • Repurpose your items

Many of the items in your house can serve a new purpose during your move! Getting creative with the way you use the items you already own is effective in saving space, too. One prime example of this is protective supplies such as bubble wrap and packing paper. Although these supplies are extremely effective, you may be able to opt for things you already own. Fragile items can be protected by thick, soft clothing or blankets. You would be packing these items anyway, so repurposing them as protection prevents space being wasted by bubble wrap. Pillows can be used for protection as well, preventing items from moving around in transit.

Additionally, many of the items you’re packing can hold other items within them. Laundry baskets, trash cans, pots, and even drawers can hold other things inside them, rather than simply being empty space. The name of the game here is saving space, and this is an excellent way to do it. Plus, it has the organizational benefit of keeping items sorted in smaller chunks.

  • Keep essentials accessible

The very last items you pack should be your daily essentials. Boxes containing items you’ll need the same day as your move should be, of course, clearly labeled and ideally brought into your new residence first so you have access to them. For instance, you should have things like towels or toilet paper available to you for move-in day. Additionally, items that you will immediately need, such as medication and valuables like laptops, should be kept in a bag or backpack that you keep with you as you move. Having quick access to these belongings prevents you from wasting time digging through boxes.

Pack like a pro!

Now that you’re prepared with these tips, you can confidently pack your home and make the moving process feel a lot easier and less overwhelming. Looking for a professional moving company to help even further? Discover how Sunrise Moving & Storage can assist in both local and intrastate moves with excellent service and affordable solutions. Get your quote today!