At Sunrise Moving, we know first hand that moving into a new home or office isn’t always as easy as we might hope, but that’s why we’re in the moving business. As your trusted Doraville movers we are here to help you through all of the many difficulties that may arise throughout the moving process. We aim to stand out as an exemplary among our competitors through our unflinching commitment to excellent service. No matter the size or distance of the job, we are prepared to help and our employees love a good challenge and offer great service with a smile.

We’re Here to Help

Moving doesn’t always come at the best time in your life. Are you already swamped with work and family life and simply don’t have time to pack your belongings or worry about logistics? Trying to move a piano or pool table that other companies simply won’t take? Leave it to us, we’re Doraville professionals and promise to deliver all your items no matter how delicate or valuable safely to their new home.

Giving our Customers Peace of Mind

Sunrise Moving is a fully insured and certified company by the American Moving and Storage Association. This certification proves that that our customers are protected from scammers who seek to take advantage of them by offering a low price for shoddy service and fraud. Hiring just anybody with a truck for a big move leaves your possessions vulnerable and very likely uninsured, don’t make this mistake! Sunrise Moving are your reputable, reliable Doraville movers. Call us today for a free estimate, guaranteed to stand toe to toe with any other offer in the industry.